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Building Exceptional Websites

We specialise in developing high-quality, responsive web experiences that enable brands to showcase their excellence online. With more than 20 years of expertise in the technology industry, we partner with you to create a website that reflects your brand effectively and professionally. Our commitment to delivering an excellent service and exceptional results means that you can trust us to develop a website that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

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Web Design & Development

Building Exceptional Websites: Crafting Outstanding Designs and Cultivating Long-Term Relationships

To ensure the success of your online strategy, we offer a comprehensive package that includes a free standard domain name, standard hosting, and free website maintenance for the first 12 months.

Coupled with our intuitive training, delivered in a format optimised to meet the needs of either individuals or groups of staff, our offerings allow you to make the most of your new website.

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Engaging Your Target Audience,
Boosting Conversions,
and Ensuring Customer Retention

With so many businesses vying for the attention of potential customers online, it is crucial that we provide exemplary content that caters to your target audience, answers their questions, and addresses their concerns.

Doing so will not only improve their experience, but also increase the likelihood of conversions and customer retention.


Functional Websites Tailored for Optimal User Engagement

A well-designed website can greatly facilitate the success of a business by providing optimal functionality which ensures smooth and efficient service delivery to clients.
Providing an intuitive and visually appealing user interface can significantly impact user experience, making it easy for clients to find the information they are looking for and complete necessary actions. Moreover, a website that is properly designed to minimise load times and optimise search engine rankings can increase online visibility and attract more potential clients.

All of these factors play a crucial role in creating a lasting impression on clients and encouraging them to return to your website and business. It is essential for businesses to prioritise website design and function, as it can be a key factor in building reputation and driving growth.

Providing multiple levels of functionality is crucial to meeting clients’ diverse needs, and this cannot be overstated. If a website lacks functionality, clients are likely to experience frustration, which can result in unfavourable outcomes.

User-friendly Design

Gain a website that perfectly aligns with your brand, captures attention, and delivers an engaging experience.

Driving Performance

We obtain valuable insights into your websites’ SEO, page speed, bounce rate, user experience, and more to optimise performance and achieve online success.

Advanced Functionality

Our commitment to prioritising key user experience enables us to develop websites with exceptional functionality, incorporating easy navigation, strategically placed call to actions, effective forms, and more, to deliver a professional and user-friendly digital experience.

Transparent Support & Maintenance

From routine updates and security patches to troubleshooting and performance optimisation, we handle all aspects of your website maintenance, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

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Effective Content Solutions

We understand the challenges that come with creating impactful website content. To alleviate that burden, we offer the services of our dedicated team of experienced copywriters. We work closely with businesses to create comprehensive content that accurately reflects their brand and meets their specific needs.

Our team are equipped to craft compelling content that can be used across various platforms beyond just their website. Whatever your content needs may be, we are committed to providing support throughout the journey to ensure your success.

Engaging Video Content

The demand for quality video content continues to grow, as businesses seek to leverage its effectiveness across various platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. The integration of videography into the digital world is evident, and we at Star Media are dedicated to helping businesses maximize this opportunity. Our team work across multiple platforms to deliver bespoke video content supporting business growth. Our expertise in interactive video content provides an engaging and effective way for businesses to connect with customers using touch screen devices. By leveraging this technology, businesses can design immersive content that guides users on a fun digital journey towards achieving specific business goals.


Revitalising Digital Presence

Having a website that’s frequently updated is one of the most important things you can do to maintain a positive online presence for your brand. An outdated website can negatively affect your customers, causing frustration which can not only damage your brand’s reputation, but also lead to potential security risks.

Our expert team are here to assist you in redesigning your website to accurately reflect your brand vision and values. Once we have your approval, our experienced professionals will work tirelessly to ensure a seamless transition from your old website to the new responsive design. Our main objective is to keep downtimes to a minimum so that your business operations aren’t impacted.

Remember, an outdated website can be a huge detriment to your online presence. Make sure you keep your website up-to-date and user-friendly to provide the ultimate customer experience. Enlist our help, and we’ll work with you to create a memorable, user-friendly website that makes an impact on your customers.

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Building Your Digital Foundation

We understand that starting a new business can be quite an undertaking. That’s why we have tailored a professional web option with flexible pricing, designed specifically for your new venture. Our new business option enables us to create a website that is unique to your brand and represents your business in the best possible way. We focus on your business objectives and guide you through the entire web design process to ensure your website reflects your vision. After your site is live, we provide support and maintenance, freeing you to concentrate on running your new business

Through your website, you can effectively communicate your brand’s message, showcase your company’s expertise, and provide visitors with valuable information that they can use in their decision-making process. Moreover, your website is a powerful tool for building meaningful relationships with your customers by providing them with a seamless and enjoyable user experience.

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Development and design process

Our Streamlined
Website Development Process

We provide a positive and streamlined design and development process.

Our team of professionals are committed to providing expert guidance and support, making each step of the digital journey a seamless one. Our goal is to ensure that you feel at ease and confident in our abilities to bring your vision to life. With a client-centric approach and a skilled team, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality results while making the process enjoyable and free of unnecessary stress.


Our initial step is to engage with you and gather any pertinent information relevant to your website content, whether it be brand guidelines, website text, images, videos or other materials. As part of this process, we will also coordinate the transfer of your domain and emails from your previous supplier, and request any relevant details as necessary. Our priority is to ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience for our clients


At this point, our team begins to lay the groundwork for your website by setting up critical components such as the database, security measures, and search engine optimisation.

This foundational work is crucial to ensure the long-term success and stability of your website.


Once we receive your website pack, our team will work diligently to produce designs tailored to your specific design brief and overall objectives. Additionally, we will provide you with an elements pack for website colouring, font display, buttons, icons and more.
Once our team has finalised the initial designs, we will provide you with draft copies for review and approval.


On completion of your draft website, you will be able to view the site in its entirety. Should you require any adjustments or alterations, we will modify the site and update you accordingly.

At this stage, we conduct the user training. This presents an excellent opportunity to seek clarification, ask any questions you may have, and unlock the full benefits of your site.


At this highly anticipated stage, your website is ready for launch and will soon be live to the public.

We understand that this is a significant milestone for your business and want to assure you that we will be monitoring the website closely after its launch. If any minor adjustments are needed, our team will make the necessary changes promptly to ensure that your website stays up-to-date and runs smoothly.


After the launch of your website, we will continually monitor its performance and provide prompt assistance in case of any issues that may arise. Discover more about our website maintenance here.

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website support

Reliable Website Maintenance 

Our team provide a professional level of website support that is proactive and clear. We offer a comprehensive range of services, such as advanced performance monitoring, insightful analytics, and comprehensive SEO evaluations.

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website essentials

Domain, Hosting & SSL

We offer a range of multi-level domain names tailored to meet the unique needs of your brand. Our team is well-versed and can offer sound advice on the availability and suitability of different domain names for your business.

Domain Transfer. We also facilitate the seamless transfer of domain names to our dedicated platform upon request to ensure a hassle-free experience. At every step, you can trust us to provide reliable and efficient domain name management services that enable your business to establish a strong online presence.

Hosting is an essential element in establishing an online presence. It provides the required storage space for website data, enabling it to be accessed by users across the internet. We offer several forms of hosting such as shared, dedicated, virtual private servers, cloud and Colocation. If you find yourself uncertain about the specific hosting solution that best suits your needs, our team is readily available to provide expert guidance and assistance.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is an indispensable component for any website. With SSL, your website content is processed securely, which not only assures users of their data protection but also earns the trust of search engines. It is important to note that search engines caution users about insecure websites, which may result in your website being overlooked or even avoided. As a solution provider, we offer SSL certificates from the two leading providers in the industry; Digicert and Site-lock. Our reliable certificates provide SSL security, enabling your website to perform optimally.

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Digital Insights

Gain valuable insights on improving your online presence, staying updated on the latest technology trends, and much more. Join our community today and unlock a wealth of knowledge to help you thrive in the digital landscape.